8 Kitchen Plumbing Tips

Kitchens are one of the most commonly used rooms in your house. When there is a plumbing issue, you may feel inclined to try and fix it yourself.

For this reason, we’ve listed some tips that may help you deal with your kitchen plumbing issues.

1. Not everything should go into your garbage disposal

Although it is easier to drain and dump coffee grounds and food debris into the sink, don’t do it because they can easily clog your pipes.

If you have a garbage disposal in your sink, make sure that you read the manufacturer’s manual to know exactly which things you can dispose of through it.

2. Avoid using Drano and other chemicals

For unclogging your home’s pipes, you should consider chemicals as a last resort.

When chemical solutions are used too often, they can damage the pipes, making your situation worse in the long-term.

3. Try this plumbing tip for most of kitchen clogging issues

Pour down half a cup of baking soda into your kitchen drain, then add one cup of vinegar and let that react for a minute or two.

Then you can add 4 cups of boiling water slowly down the drain.

If this doesn’t unclogged your drains, move to the next kitchen plumbing tip – the plunger!

4. 2 plungers are better than 1

Before you use the plunger to unclog your kitchen sink, use a second plunger to cover the other drain (if it is a double sink).

This way, when you start using the first plunger, you will get the most force and successfully remove the clog.


5. Clean your kitchen drains and garbage disposal monthly

Regular cleaning and maintenance will help to avoid future clogs.

You can clean the kitchen drains by adding liquid dish soap and boiling water.

Also, make sure you take precautionary measures by using a strainer over the kitchen drain to prevent any food going into the pipes and clogging them.

6. Garbage disposals can get rusty

Your garbage disposal can get clogged or worse, rust and corrode if you are not treating it properly.

Avoid disposing of hard to grind foods, and clean it regularly.

A simple yet refreshing way is to use lemon rinds mixed with a small amount of liquid dish soap, and running cold water down the drain for 30-45 seconds.

Then, pour down hot water afterward to flush out the remains.

7. How to minimize noise under your kitchen sink

If your double sink is loud, you can ‘quiet’ it by using expanding foam and filling in the space between the two stainless steel sink basins.

This simple and cheap plumbing tip will help deaden the vibrations and lessen the ‘gong’ effect you may be hearing often.

You should do this before your sink is installed, but if that’s not possible, you can still do it later, although the process may prove more difficult.

8. Check your sink for leaks regularly

Especially after undergoing any plumbing project!

You can check for water leaks by running water through the system, opening and closing all valves and drains, and checking if there is a leak.

If you feel like there is a water leak, and you don’t know how to fix it, you should always call a plumber near you.

When the leak is smaller, it can be fixed easily, and it will be a lot cheaper than if you wait and call when the issue gets out of hand.

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