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Plumber Reviews in Santa Rosa, CA

Bryan arrived less than one hour after I called Super Service Plumbing. Clean, friendly, professional young man.

Very knowledgeable and fast installation of damaged garbage disposal. Had all parts and tools necessary to complete the job in one hour.

I had earlier called Ben Franklin, since I have a service VIP contract with them, and they told me I would have to wait four days for repairs.

Well, it looks like I found a better plumber next time I need repairs done quickly.
– Paul Langlois

Paul is an exceptional service technician. He is professional, honest, punctual, and highly knowledgeable.

I would trust him to handle any plumbing problem or installation at my home.
– Cheryl Giurlani

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John was just wonderful and so thorough.

Carol Spallas


Super Service Plumbing was able to get us out of a crisis by getting to our home quickly. I will definitely use this company again in the future.
– Recent Customer

I awoke this morning to a clean and most importantly a CLOG-free kitchen sink! The management at my senior residence called Super Service Plumbing after the maintenance person on site said that it was a job for a pro. Not only was my sink unclogged but the young man who provided the service was so kind that I said that I would let others know!

Ray took care to put down a blanket in case of any spills, made sure that all was tidy when he left – though he left behind his bright smile – and the result this morning to know that everything was fixed! Thank you, Ray! And to Super Service Plumbing for adding him to your team!
– Madeline B.

I have been using Super Service Plumbing for a few years now. They always respond swiftly and reliably. Brandon came out on my most recent call and dealt with my problem quickly. I needed a valve for my on-demand water heater. While pursuing the warranty, he got the part for me right away and installed it so that I had hot water. My set-up is a little complicated with a pump on a timer and he carefully explained everything I need to know to keep the device functioning. He is both professional and pleasant.
– Deb C. in Sebastopol


Wonderful job, Dave was great!! Thank you so very much!!!

Recent Customer


Brandon was very polite and professional. He showed up on time, assessed the issue of a back up in the main pipe and used a long snake to solve the problem. Based on the experience with this relatively simple problem, I would definitely use Super Service Plumbing again.
– Recent Customer

Joseph Thomas was the trouble shooter for our radiant heat system. He showed up on time (too rare when waiting for home repairs), got immediately to work, took his time to be thorough, and discovered the problems. He carefully and clearly explained the issues to me with the help of diagrams and records of work previously done. He was respectful, intelligent, and left me feeling confident that our problem could be solved.
– Ginny Trapani

Bryan was there for my emergency. My toilet downstairs overflowed all over our kitchen and through our garage. I tried the plunger many times but no solution to unplug our sewer pipe. I called some other plumbers and just got answering machines and one could only come after 6 hours. I called Super Service Plumbing answering service and within in 10 minutes, Bryan called me back. He said he will be at my house in a half an hour and he was. He explained everything so well. I was so happy he was able to come on a Sunday morning on Mother’s Day.
– Darwin Bothwik


We always call Super Service because that’s what they deliver!

Melissa J. in Santa Rosa


Over and above expectations. Dave went out of his way to find a part and promptly installed it the same day. My heat was out and I had small grandchildren arriving for Thanksgiving at Grandma’s house! Thanks again!
– Recent Customer

They answered the phone first thing in the morning and were helpful to talk to. They came when they said and snaked down the vent. That helped but it turned out the sewer line was not the problem – it was our septic tank. So how much did it cost me for their courteous service and some good help? Nothing!! They wouldn’t even take our money because they could not solve our initial problem.

My experience was not extensive with them but I have to say they were 5-star plumbers today!
– Dwight S. in Petaluma


Mike was wonderful, friendly and very professional. It was a pleasure dealing with him.

Recent Customer


Very helpful and understanding of my waterlogged situation. Super Service Plumbing was excellent and incredibly fair.
– Recent Customer

After the gas was turned off in Windsor due to the horrific fires in 2017 for nearly a week, PGE came through to re-lit and verify unit by unit. Mine was red flagged because a plumber who had ‘repaired’ my water heater broke out the piece of protective glass two years prior. I called Super Service Plumbing, where they pulled up schematics on my State/Apollo water heater. Paul F. came out as soon as the parts were in and was respectful, courteous, polite and very professional. Cannot say enough good about this company! I highly recommend Super Service Plumbing.
– Carol M. in Windsor

My experience with Mike was a very positive one. He was extremely courteous and very professional (and he had a sense of humor). I would definitely call on Mike again and will recommend him and Super Service Plumbing to my friends.
– Ken Weber



John Hewitt


They are just great!!! I’ve used them 3 times now and every time it was easy, clean and efficient!!! They are very clear about pricing and do a great job. The guys are always clean and courteous! They are on time and call when they are on their way if you want them to. Hope I don’t need them again but I probably will and will definitely use them.
– Linda L. in Santa Rosa

We had a water main pressure reduce valve fail and Bryan, the technician came out and not only fixed the pressure reducer but also was able to put in a new main shut off valve and clean up some other work which was going to fail eventually. Bryan was polite, clear and efficiently fixed the issues.

I would recommend Bryan and Super Service to my friends.
– John H. in Sonoma County


Bryan was excellent!

Recent Customer


On May 28, 2014, I discovered a leak under my sink. It had evidently been leaking for some time but I hadn’t discovered it because it was in the back with cleaning supplies in front. Bryan found it immediately, replaced the valve after showing me the replacement part and explained what was wrong with the original. He checked the meter with caution to watch for a possible leak, and explained all his steps and was courteous and left things clean and in order. Pleasant young man.
– Recent Customer

Wonderful service, polite and fast, definitely gave us great advice on how to fix our toilet problem the cheapest and best way. We will recommend them and call them again when we need a local plumber.
– Gabi S.

I called the office about 9 a.m., and Paul came by about 1:30 p.m. He was friendly and highly efficient. Paul was able to replace a hose bib to eliminate a leak which had been driving our water usage up to unsatisfactory levels. He also checked the main meter and discovered no additional leaks! Paul also had some useful advice about water usage in general.

Next time we have a plumbing problem, we will certainly call Super Service Plumbing.
– Michael G. in Cotati


Very dependable. On time and under budget.

Kevin C. in Petaluma


Our water heater died Friday evening. We called Super Service and had a new water heater installed by Saturday afternoon. That is FAST!
– Jay B. in Bodega Bay

Bryan, the service technician at Super Service Plumbing, is an extremely competent and personable professional.

Plumbing for the entire home backed up over the weekend, not a fun problem to have! Peter the dispatcher set up a speedy appointment. Bryan arrived promptly, then quickly and efficiently diagnosed and solved the whole problem! Bryan also gave clear explanations and recommendations to avoid future issues. The relief and peace of mind in having this horrendous problem solved so fast was priceless.

Very highly recommend Super Service Plumbing!
– A.C. in Santa Rosa


Very timely and exceeded my expectations.

Recent Customer


The technician from Super Service Plumbing, Dave, came out the same day we called – right on time too! He was very personable, polite and most importantly did an excellent job on quickly fixing our broken air gap to the dishwasher. He explained everything before he began and while he was repairing it. The price was very fair and we would highly recommend this company.
– Kristina M. in Rohnert Park

I called at 8:30AM and a plumber was at my home by 10 AM! I was impressed with the quick response to my call. The plumber used drop clothes and cleaned up after he was finished. A class act. I would recommend this company to others.
– Jack Livingston

I needed help with a water line on a newly installed refrigerator on a Saturday afternoon, and Super Service came out within an hour and took care of the problem in no time. We know we can count on them!
– Recent Customer


Honest, straightforward and went the extra mile to do quality work.

Recent Customer


Wow! What an amazing company! I have done business with Super Service Plumbing for years on a professional level. Now that I am retired, I continue to use their services for my home. They are truly experts in their field. And, their technician, Bryan, was extremely helpful and professional. My new water heater was installed in record time and I am very, very satisfied with the work. Make Super Service Plumbing your go-to for all plumbing needs!
– Claire T.

Bryan came through when I had an emergency (toilet leaking badly). He came through and fixed the problem with such a great attitude and work ethic. My family felt totally comfortable around him. He is a great person and from what I saw his work ethic is A+. Because of him, I would definitely be using Super Service Plumbing for any plumbing issues I have.
– Leo Anifowose


I was so happy and relieved to get Super Service Plumbing on the phone at midnight. Thank you!



A visitor noticed a “gas smell” and we immediately called the PG&E Emergency number. A PG&E agent was on-site within 15 minutes and determined a serious leak was urgent enough to “shut off the gas until a repair was made.” Our Landlord called Super Service Plumbing and within an equally short time, Brandon was involved in discovering the problem which also required a thorough check of the gas line to the kitchen range via the crawl space. After discovering two areas of leakage – which were quickly repaired – the PG&E Inspector was recalled to our home to verify the repair and allow our gas to be turned back on. It saved us from further exposure to breathing that gas (which we were not “smell sensitive” to), from a potential fire hazard, and from an otherwise very cold night. Thanks, Brandon for your expeditious and professional response to our emergency! Outstanding Service!!!
– Dick F.

A super job by an excellent technician that went the extra mile with resolving our sewer blockage problem. I am highly recommending Super Service Plumbing for any sewer/plumbing needs you may have; I am having them back soon for additional work at our resident in Santa Rosa CA.
– Recent Customer


Super Service Plumbing loves dogs!

Recent Customer


After calling a plumber in my church congregation, then a few highly rated plumbing companies, neither of them returned my call to repair my leaking bathroom faucet. I then called Super Service Plumbing. As scheduled, Ray arrived the following day. He diagnosed the problem and pricing for repair. Ray demonstrated professional expertise and great customer service. He also replaced the faucet and, as he explained, everything worked fine. He was very neat and cleaned the area before he left. I was very impressed with his work and have/will recommend him and your company without reservation. Thank you, Ray. You’re the best!
– Cindy Parker

Peter is very accommodating and takes care of all the paperwork needed to have our Anti-siphon valves tested on a yearly basis. I have also had them out to my house to replace faucets (my wife wanted a different finish on the faucets and drain rings etc.) and they were very clean and did an excellent job. I highly recommend Super Service Plumbing or Leduc & Dexter for all your plumbing repairs and service.
– Les M. in Santa Rosa


Fabulous service on a stormy night.

Recent Customer


Called Super Service Plumbing at 11 AM – was at our home around 3 PM – installed new part and we had hot water by 4 PM! Without question, the next time we have a plumbing problem, we’re calling Super Service.
– Recent Customer

These guys are great! Peter, in dispatch, is always prompt and on top of getting an appointment scheduled quickly. We have always been pleased with the technicians they send out and the work they have performed is high quality. Our most recent issue was that the kitchen faucet stopped working – Super Service Plumbing was out the next day and quickly repaired the problem.
– Leslie B. in Santa Rosa


These guys are 100% all about getting the job done correctly.

Julie G. in Rohnert Park


Brooks has completed two plumbing projects for me. He always shows up on time and is ready for any little issue that one might run into. He was friendly, professional and fast. He not only got the jobs done but exceeded my expectations. He’s awesome, definitely call Super Service Plumbing.
– Recent Customer

I have had consistently good service from Super Service Plumbing for many years, for our home and for rental properties. Their work is excellent and the people always go the extra mile to help us get the right product and save money.
– Maureen Merrill



Recent Customer


Mike was on-time and very professional. He not only fixed the problem but took the time to explain everything completely including proactive solutions to prevent future issues. Excellent service! Thank you!
– Recent Customer

These guys rock! I have been referring my customers of The Floor Store to them for years! Last week, after Sears totally dropped the ball on installing the new dishwasher we purchased from them 2 weeks prior, I called Super Service and they sent Bryan out who went way beyond the call of duty to take care of Sears’s “left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing” problems. Without getting into details, trust me; Super Service Plumbing is Super!!!!
– Mark D. in Healdsburg


I’m very pleased I called you guys!!

Recent Customer


Super Service Plumbing was sent to my home and all I can say is that it couldn’t have been a smoother transaction in every way. Great work, great people, honest and personable on a real level, and thorough above and beyond. This is the way a company should be run. Thanks to Super Service Plumbing for putting up with my mistake in writing down the wrong time for our second appointment, and thank you to John for coming back the same day, anyway! Hands down, best business experience I have had in a long while. Brings back memories of that community-oriented service we once had decades ago! Loved it!
– Recent Customer

Had called another plumbing firm the day before and they did not return my call. My daughter recommended Super Service, called them the next day, they returned my call immediately and let me know they would call again to let me know when they would arrive – which they did. David came and took care of the problem – let me know the price beforehand. My tenant was without working plumbing in her kitchen and Dave took care of this. Thank you for courteous and quick service. Would definitely call Super Service Plumbing again when I have plumbing problems.
– Kate


The best plumbing experience ever.

John B. in Santa Rosa


Needed a new water heater. Called these guys around 3pm, and Bryan showed up within an hour to asses the situation. He said they could have a new water heater first thing in the morning at 9am. He was very prompt and showed up at the time they said he would. He was very courteous the whole time, provided helpful tips for maintenance, and was very pleasant and professional. Five stars all the way.
– Recent Customer

Super Service Plumbing provides super service. Bryan is the first plumber from Super Service that came to our house, the fourth plumber overall in 3 months for the same problems. He was respectful, courteous and took the time not only to investigate what was causing our plumbing issues but also to explain it to us in a way that made sense. Other plumbing companies charged us hundreds of dollars to take a look and quoted us an unnecessary repair that would have cost us about $7,000. Bryan was able to figure out the actual issue which will cost under $1,000 to repair.

He was also willing to consult with other plumbers over the phone to make sure that this was the best decision. I think it is awesome when someone is willing to consult with others in their profession rather than having a big ego and assuming they are correct. Super Service is definitely our go-to plumber now.
– Randi K. in Santa Rosa


Professional, friendly, and trustworthy service!

Recent Customer


We had a water heater leak and with the 4th of July coming up we needed it fixed ASAP. Dave came out and very efficiently corrected the problem and went above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks Dave, so appreciate your knowledge!!
– Recent Customer

I have selected Super Service Plumbing over the years and found them to be fast and efficient. Bryan, who recently completed a service call at my home, is a first class representative for Super Service. Peter, in the main office, was of great help in determining the problem over the phone and was great in ordering the correct parts to fix my problem. Thank You!
– Ray Ambrosio


Cheerful, hard-working, personable, very competent and super helpful!

Recent Customer


Our first stormy night of the season and all plumbing stopped in our house. Brandon was there within a half hour and had the tedious task of snaking the drains. He was fast, efficient and extremely clean, mopping the entire room when done. A warm smile and a working plumbing system was our end result. I was very pleased with his service and will continue to use him when the pipes let us down. Thank you Brandon.
– Recent Customer

I have had Super Service Plumbing out to my house and a rental that I own. Bryan was friendly and explains everything very clearly. He looks for ways to save on cost, completes the job efficiently, and is very prompt in responding when needed. Having to call a plumber is not the highlight of anyone’s day, but a call to Super Service and the quick response by Bryan makes it all much easier. Call Super Service Plumbing first. You won’t be sorry you did.
– Don M. in Santa Rosa


These guys make the saying “service beyond the call of duty” come true.

Katherine C. in Santa Rosa


Great company and Dave was very professional and compassionate when I needed help. He did a great job fixing my Boiler and Heating system. I would use them again for sure!!! Thank you!!!!
– Recent Customer

We needed emergency service to repair a broken gas line and Super Service Plumbing responded immediately. Bryan assessed the problem quickly and clearly explained solutions and options. His repair was done quickly and carefully. His repair was better than the original work done. He evaluated every part of the gas line to be sure of its integrity, pointing out areas we needed to watch.

He obviously cares about the quality of the work done and providing a repair that will not break down. Bryan is professional, experienced, skilled, works fast and thoroughly, and carefully explains the problem and solutions.

This is a high-quality professional who cares about doing high-quality work.
– Anne B. in Santa Rosa


Super Service delivers outstanding service and the know-how to solve problems.

Recent Customer


Mike was very nice, knowledgeable, and efficient with identifying and fixing our pipe issues. I will contact them again if we have any future plumbing issues.
– Recent Customer

Brandon came out on a Saturday afternoon, and was here within a half hour of being called. He had to remove a shower faucet cartridge that had been broken in half, and spent a lot of time and effort on it. He removed and replaced the cartridge, thereby repairing a significant leak. He returned two days later to install a new faucet we had bought, at no extra charge. Great service!
– Recent Customer


Bryan’s repair is better than what we had before. A true professional with expertise and speed.

Recent Customer


Once we decided to use them, Super Service Plumbing was here in 30 minutes. They were friendly, skilled, polite, informative, and wasted no time replacing our hot water heater. Their rates were competitive and I received a discount before I asked! I would call Super Service Plumbing for any plumbing needs.
– Recent Customer

Dave gave excellent service, was friendly and professional. Super Service Plumbing provided same day service, which was such a relief as I am a property manager of a vacation rental. They even showed up earlier then they estimated. Wow, that was a welcome surprise! Dave kept the work area neat and tidy. He was wonderful to have work in my home. I will definitely call this company again and recommend them to my neighbors and friends.
– Recent Customer


I’d recommend Super Service and Bryan, Dave, and Brandon any time!

J.O. in Santa Rosa


Dave did a great job. He found the parts and did the repair so our July 4th party had a working toilet. Excellent service and will recommend Dave and Super Service Plumbing to friends.
– Recent Customer

Bryan was great. He explained clearly the situation with my old house’s plumbing issues, gave me options, suggestions, did beautiful work, was fast, cleaned up after, and was very professional and courteous. I would definitely recommend Super Service Plumbing.
– Recent Customer


Super Service was prompt and within 2 hours, got right to work! We felt like we had made a new friend.

Recent Customer


Brandon from Super Service Plumbing did an excellent job of diagnosing plumbing issues. He spent a long time trying to unclog our main line but was met with resistance in the line. So he suggested pulling up the toilet in our master bedroom in order to clear our line with greater access. That worked! He was very diligent about cleaning up any area in which he worked. He went beyond the call of duty! We will certainly obtain his service for our plumbing needs. Thanks, Brandon!
– Recent Customer

Repair of broken propane pipe done quickly, promptly, carefully, and the repair is a big improvement over the original work done. The technician Bryan worked carefully, fast and efficiently, and figured out how to improve the repair and prevent recurrence. An outstanding job done.
– C. Bell


Faster than I expected!

Recent Customer


Had an emergency water heater issue this weekend. Service was prompt, efficient, and technician Bryan was extremely professional. They delivered as promised, and on time. Would highly recommend Super Service Plumbing. Thanks folks!
– Recent Customer

I called Super Service to replace my commercial building’s main shut off valve. Bryan showed up, replaced the valve, fittings, hose bib, insulated the line and made another adjacent plumbing repair. He was concerned about the temporary water outage for my tenants yet he focused on safety and quality work. He completed the work in several hours reflecting in a very fair bill.

I gave his number to my tenants for them to contact in case of any plumbing emergency.
– Tom M. in Napa


Always pleasant, prompt, and professional!

Kari Teran


John was very knowledgeable and helpful. He resolved our situation in an efficient and professional manner, and gave us tips to prevent future issues.
– Recent Customer


Conscientious and thorough.

Recent Customer


Super Service Plumbing has been my “go to” company for many years. Their techs do excellent work, are professional, willing to explain and educate me as a homeowner and their price is excellent for the work performed.
– Jeffrey Wilson

From the moment I called for service until the completion of the job, I received extraordinary service delivery from Brandon, Peter, and Bryan. Bryan went above and beyond to ensure the installation of my hot water heater and parts were safe and perfectly installed. I would highly recommend this team to everyone I know and I will use them again and again when the need arises. EXCELLENT company!!!!
– Recent Customer


They get here faster than the pizza guy!

Ian S. in Santa Rosa


Dave and Super Service Plumbing went over and above the call of duty to get my heating system up and running. They were prompt, professional and extremely knowledgeable. It is refreshing to see the integrity of the company and its employees.
– Dede Q.

Dave, the technician was a great help. He was very timely and exceeded my expectations. Super Service Plumbing is the go-to company if you have a radiant type of heating system or even a hydronic system.
– Recent Customer


Completely competent professionals!

Recent Customer


I am a handicapped man, unable to do some things on my own, therefore, I feel vulnerable when I need help. Bryan arrived and assessed the situation and explained it in full detail. I felt very comfortable and knew Bryan was an honest man. He fixed the problem in no time at all. Thank you Bryan! And thank you Super Service Plumbing for employing honest people!
– S. Adams


Loretta and the Gang are always there to help and always have a referral if they can’t.



Mike came by to help me decide whether to replace my water heater with a tankless system. He was so friendly and knowledgeable that I decided to ask him back to repair a shower leak in my guest bathroom while I evaluate the feasibility of installing a whole house tankless system. Again he was very friendly and open to sharing his knowledge and thoughts. Very professional and provided honest assessments of my home repair needs. Would most definitely ask him back for future projects.
– Recent Customer


Excellent customer service!

Recent Customer


I called for a plumbing service and Bryan was here within 1 hour. Thank you Super Service Plumbing, you have a customer for life!
– Stevan A. in Santa Rosa

Bryan was prompt, courteous and very knowledgeable! He explained the problem and repair options that were available and he put in a temporary fix until I decided which option is the best for me. I would highly recommend Bryan and Super Service Plumbing!
– Recent Customer

Prompt response to an after-hours problem by a very competent technician who assessed the problem and rectified the situation. I would not hesitate to use Super Service Plumbing again.
– Alex M. in Santa Rosa

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