Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Safe?

The short answer is yes.

Some chemical drain cleaners can be safe when used as directed; however, it is a frequently misused plumbing product.

Drain cleaners are one of the most dangerous items in homes due to their chemical nature. If you choose to use this product, it is crucial to take all of the proper precautions and use it with correct concentration and timing, as described on the label.

When dealing with a clog in your home’s pipes, we always recommend trying safer alternatives or calling a plumber.

What is a drain cleaner?

Chemical drain cleaners are a convenient and popular do-it-yourself option to break up clogs in your pipes. It works by eating away at organic tissue that may be stuck. Some drain cleans on the market could cause severe damage to your home’s plumbing system and should only be used as a last resort by a professional.

This type of product is not designed for frequent use and, over time, could cause longer, more extensive problems. Additionally, if left inside drains for longer than the maximum dwell time, it could severely damage the pipes.


What are the dangers of chemical drain cleaners?

Health Hazards

Liquid drain cleaners could cause irritation, severe rashes, and chemical burns to the skin or eyes if it makes direct contact. If used with other chemical products, a chemical reaction could occur, creating strong fumes toxic to the lungs. These cleaners are unpredictable and should be avoided, especially if there are kids in the home.


The ingredients that help break up clogs in pipes can make their way into sewage systems and find their way into rivers, streams, and oceans. In the long-term, the widespread use of these products harms wildlife and local environments. If used, make sure to follow proper disposal instructions.


The liquid drain cleaner lingers into pipes until the obstruction dissolves. The build-up of this, in combination with its corrosive nature, could damage a home’s plumbing system. This would be a much more costly repair than initially calling a trusted, local plumber.

What are some safer alternatives to clear a clog?

Using a liquid drain cleaner is a risk every time it is used. It is always better to be safe and try using a plunger, drain snake, or an eco-friendly option such as Bio-Clean and calling a plumber first.

To maintain the integrity of your pipes and home plumbing system, choose to call a professional with the appropriate tools and methods to solve any problem. This worry-free option will save you time, money, and energy.

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