10 Benefits of Becoming a Plumber

A career in plumbing gives you useful lifelong skills and the opportunity to build, install, and repair necessary equipment for the health of your community. No matter how society changes, we will always need (and appreciate) our local plumbers.

If you are considering a future in this field, check out these 10 benefits to becoming a plumber in California:

Job Security

Plumbing is one job that cannot be outsourced. People will always need someone to help with their business or home with plumbing needs, whether that be repairs or new builds – the job comes with steady work.


Many plumbers will be retiring soon. This, combined with plumbing needs projected to grow with the construction of new buildings and a growing population, means that there will be a high demand for quality, experienced plumbers.

Opportunity For Growth

With a career in plumbing, you have the opportunity to work your way up. A plumber traditionally spends 4-5 years as an apprentice before becoming a journeyman. From there, they might choose to pursue a future as a master plumber. This allows more opportunities and options in the field.

Job Variety

There are always new jobs to do, new (and sometimes weird) projects to begin, and new people to meet in the plumbing world. The industry is constantly changing, while plumbing is a universal need. You’ll work with a variety of industries to solve the problems they are experiencing.

Helping People

It is no secret that our health is strongly interwoven with our access to clean water. In a plumbing emergency, people are going to call you to help them when they need it most. Plumbers are an essential part of our lives.


Job Satisfaction

At Super Service Plumbing, we know how important plumbing is to the health of our community. Our job helps to save water with efficient systems and clean water waste. Although most of us might not think about it, proper plumbing saves lives, and as a plumber, you’ll be happy to know the impact you make every day in this field matters.

Great Pay

Many factors influence pay in this field, such as experience, education, certification, and demand. With that said, a plumber is one of the highest-paid contractors around.


In addition to a healthy paycheck, most plumbing contractors have either joined a union or found a company with an excellent benefits package. These usually extend to families and can be a critical factor in choosing a career path.

Inexpensive Education

A good education opens a lot of doors. This includes what you can learn at a trade school or community college. A plumber can earn while they learn through an apprenticeship with qualified, licensed tradespeople. This is a more affordable option when looking to begin your future career.

No More Plumbing Bills

Although this is a small benefit, it is one we have to note. Once you’re a plumber, you keep the skills you’ve learned and can use it for life. You will never have to pay someone to fix a leaky faucet again.

Plumbers are an essential link in the trade field, especially throughout Sonoma County and the Greater Bay Area. With demand growing and a shortage of qualified tradespeople around, it is a safe and secure choice to make when it comes to deciding your career path.

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