Backflow Testing and Backflow Repair

Super Service Plumbing is licensed to do backflow testing and backflow repairs on all residential and commercial devices throughout Sonoma County.

If you’ve found us by searching backflow testing near me, this means we’re your closest and quickest solution to your backflow needs.

We will take care of the backflow test, send the form into your local water district, then send a copy to you for your records.

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What is a backflow?

Backflow in residential and commercial plumbing refers to an unwanted flow of water in the reverse direction. It can be a serious health risk for not only your family, but also the water pipes in your home.

Commercial Backflow in Santa Rosa
Residential Backflow in Santa Rosa

Need your backflow repaired?

Our experienced plumbing technicians will provide you a written proposal reflecting the work that needs to be done. Then shortly after, we will get your backflow device repaired and retested right away.

Signs you need backflow repair

  • Discolored water coming from faucets
  • Smell of sulphur
  • Slow water flow
  • Visible rust or sediment
  • Metallic tasting water
  • Reduced water pressure

Backflow Testing FAQs

What is backflow testing?

Backflow testing is the process of testing your plumbing system to make sure your drinking water is not contaminated with dirty water infiltrating your water supply.

How much does a backflow test cost?

The typical cost for backflow device testing can vary greatly, even within Sonoma County.

Some plumbing companies may charge a one-time fee while other local plumbing companies may provide you a scheduled maintenance plan.

However, the quickest way to get a clear answer according to your needs is to call (707) 544-6444 today.

Why is backflow testing necessary?

To keep your potable water clean from contaminants, it is encouraged to have a regular maintenance plan for your backflow device – no matter if you’re within Santa Rosa city limits or anywhere else throughout the Bay Area.

When your backflow is not functioning correctly, the assembly must be repaired quickly.

And a simple backflow test can prevent long-term costs.

How long does a backflow test take?

Depending on the backflow device and its location, it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes per device.

Backflow Repair FAQs

How much does it cost to replace a backflow valve?

Backflow parts can cost a consumer anywhere from $45 and $950. And to retrofit onto an existing system, costs for parts alone could be much higher.

For a more accurate cost for your backflow valve, please call (707) 544-6444.

What does a backflow preventer do?

A backflow preventer is a device installed onto your home’s water pipes that allows water to flow in only one direction and never in the opposite direction.

The sole responsibility of your backflow preventer device is to prevent your drinking water from harmful contaminants.

What happens when a backflow preventer fails?

If your backflow preventer fails – or if you’re concerned it might fail – give your local plumbers a call right away to ensure your family’s drinking water remains safe.

What causes a backflow preventer to leak?

A leak from your backflow preventer is most often caused by debris such as sand or dirt coming from the domestic water source getting into the seat of the relief valve and preventing it from shutting all the way.

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